LSS Missouri-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High School Students

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum For Missouri High School Students

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Getting enough credits for graduation, having more college options to apply to, develop new skills that can be valuable for your future, and opt for more career options is possible for any high school student when adding Lean Six Sigma to his or her curriculum. If LSS is a process improvement methodology that can only be implemented in companies, how does it help high school students that are not even working in a company at the moment?

And if they are, the possibilities of fulfilling an important role are quite zero. Well, Lean Six Sigma has shown to be valuable not only for companies that accomplish process improvement with it but also for individuals who learn how to use it. This methodology is quite complete and thanks to this, several skills need to be developed, a lot of information to be understood, and having great decision-making is crucial.

LSS Missouri-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High School Students

Any person that is interested in working with it and offering services around the methodology will need to get trained to focus on the previous aspects. And this can involve high school students. Imagine a student that develops leadership skills and problem-solving ones as well as achieves a full understanding of the most used process improvement methodology. The result? A valuable individual with many more opportunities in his or her future.

The knowledge and skills acquired from this methodology will also help them with personal growth and not only for more college and career opportunities. But for it to happen, a well-designed training program for them is required. At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Missouri, we are one of the few companies and experts in the state that can offer you the option to get high school students trained and give them access to Sigma. If you have an institution and want to give them the opportunity, you can definitely rely on us.

With that said, you need to keep in mind that this training is not the same as the usual one for professionals and adults. We have to schedule several classes within the scholar schedule and determine what students will take it. So far, we are confident it sounds like a good plan for your students, and we are eager to let you know more about it.

Is Lean Six Sigma for Students A Thing?

Calling it ‘a thing’ sounds a bit off, but we have been asked this question so many times that we decided to include it just as it is. To give you a short answer before anything else, yes, it is a ‘thing’. We mentioned a few benefits of learning the methodology for the students, but we also pointed out the fact that the training is not the same. This is because Lean Six Sigma training is not only about theory and information but also about experience.

Adults and professionals that decide to access training usually have the opportunity to gain some experience in the process. Actually, a black belt—the final training and level we offer—is not only information if the person wants to work with the methodology and fulfill the roles he or she was trained for. At least 2 years of experience is required to climb to these job positions and some of it is gained during the training itself. However, this is impossible for students due to the limitations in time and possible involvement in an LSS team at the moment.

To address this, a specific program based on the yellow or green belt was designed and focuses on developing skills but also including the main topics of the methodology:

  • Terminology.
  • Principles and concepts.
  • Main tools.
  • Discipline and organization.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Decision-making.
  • Data collecting.
  • Process and project measuring.

The main goal for us is to make sure the students build confidence in themselves and are able to have skills to achieve both personal and professional objectives. With this clear, LSS for them ends up being crucial due to all the growth they can achieve with it, and it only takes a few days or weeks to complete.

LSS Missouri-Lean Six Sigma Certification

Yellow Belt and Green Belt Outline

If you are considering the option to give the opportunity to high school students in your school or institution, you will need to have a good look at the outline of our courses. We want to make sure you are aware of everything they will learn and feel comfortable with it. Also, parents play an important role in allowing them to take this training and opportunity.

Therefore, keep in mind we have designed two options: the yellow and green belts. This means we can either deliver training focused on the yellow belt topics and goals or one adapted from the green belt.

We will go in order and guarantee the students start with the basics: concepts, what is Lean Six Sigma, how it helps them, and accomplish a simple but crucial understanding of the methodology. Once this is done, we will start following our program:

  1. LSS objectives.
  2. Philosophies.
  3. Principles.
  4. What is Lean and Six Sigma.
  5. Main tools.
  6. Problem-solving.
  7. SIPOC.
  8. Data collecting.
  9. DMAIC.
  10. Teamwork.
  11. Brainstorming.
  12. Identify problems and root causes.

In this course, we will have a focus on more team-based aspects and solutions as well as on how Lean Six Sigma is implemented. Therefore, expect our experts and teachers to approach topics like:

  1. Value stream map.
  2. Mistake proofing.
  3. Change management.
  4. Additional Six Sigma tools and practices.
  5. Start and manage projects.
  6. Learn about leadership.

LSS Missouri-Lean Six Sigma Consulting

How to Request Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High School Students

If you are interested in it, just make sure to let us know when and where we must go. Our experts are available to start training anytime and in any city in Missouri. With that said, our training will come with a certification that will allow students to add the experience and knowledge to their curriculums, bringing the value they want.

Call, email, or visit us and we will be there for you and every student.

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