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Companies and experts in Lean Six Sigma that are located in Joplin are not many, rather, there are very limited options for anyone who needs to use or learn about the methodology. Even when it is the most used and popular process improvement methodology internationally, why is it hard to find experts in it? The main reason lies in people not knowing how great is to add Six Sigma to their skills and methods they are able to manage.

And those that usually offer services are already working for certain companies exclusively. This is what makes it result in a lack of manpower and options when it comes to LSS. Therefore, the question is: what can you do about this?

LSS Missouri - Joplin MO

As a company that needs to implement Sigma, you will inevitably have to find consultants and professionals in it or choose to hire trainers and teachers to prepare your workers. In both cases, services from third parties are required and you need to make sure they are what you expect and need.

At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Missouri, we have LSS consultants who will take care of the entire project and achieve the main objectives of the methodology based on your needs and goals. Also, our team is able to provide 6 Sigma training in the yellow, green, and black belts, which are the main levels.

When to Choose Training Over Consulting

If you are an individual interested in learning about Six Sigma, get certified, and work around it, you will not need consulting services. Therefore, focusing on training and courses is the only way to go and we do not recommend choosing to learn alone since there are many aspects that count in order to even add Lean Six Sigma to a curriculum. Now, consulting services are what most companies and organizations need not only as a way to use Sigma but also to do it fast.

Developing talent, which is equal to training workers within a company, is a great option and one we encourage every organization to go for. The problem? It takes time to complete it. Lean Six Sigma training does not take too long, but to be able to implement the methodology right, experience is required, which most of your workers will not gain until, at least, a few months. This means that if you need fast results and cannot afford to continue without improving processes and accomplishing the results you expect from Six Sigma, training is not an option.

Lean 6 Sigma consultants are quite the opposite since they guarantee results in a matter of weeks and start projects without any issues. Knowing this takes us to answer the question: for fast and efficient results, go for consulting services; if you have time and looking for your own LSS team, training is the best option. Despite what you choose or prefer, you can rely on us if you are located in Joplin or any other city in Missouri.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.