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For high school students in Springfield, having more college options or career opportunities is difficult no matter how you see due to not only the lack of experience—clearly—but also the skills they usually do not have. Therefore, if you are an institution that cares for its students, Lean Six Sigma is the key. This methodology is aimed to be implemented in companies, organizations, and any business; and it is focused on process improvement, waste reduction, and eliminating variations and defects.

How can Sigma help students when it is for companies? The help does not come in the form of implementing it but rather learning how to do it. Experts in 6 Sigma are not common despite the methodology being quite popular and crucial for all industries. Therefore, anyone who understands and knows how to implement it is valuable for any type of company and organization.

LSS Missouri - Springfield-MO

When high school students learn what is Lean Six Sigma, its structure, and even understand how it is used to achieve process improvement, they will gain a new tool that can bring more career options and opportunities to their lives. To make sure high schools and students are able to go for this option, here at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Missouri, we have made sure to offer special training and courses.

Lean 6 Sigma training for high school students does not follow the same outline when compared to a regular course that workers or adults decide to access. It has to include an emphasis on certain topics and the development of some skills to help with the formation but also make out for the lack of experience they have. We know what we are doing and if it interests you, there are only a few things you must know.

Yellow & Green Belts for High School Students

6 Sigma is divided into belts (levels) where individuals learn different aspects and elements of the methodology. Yellow, green, and black are not the only belts available, but they are the main ones and cover everything from the basics about Sigma to the advanced topics and information. In our case, we provide Lean Six Sigma training in all three belts, but only for employees in a company or adults overall.

For high school students, we only provide yellow and green belt training that is adapted to their learning pace and the essential they need to know.

Each belt comes with different benefits and our experts have made sure to build the courses based on developing skills, personal growth, but also team-based purposes.

  • Yellow belt training: we will focus on the basics, terminology, structure, and principles of 6 Sigma but also help the students to learn how to be more organized, boost their confidence, and start developing problem-solving skills.
  • Green belt training: we want to make sure they know how to implement Six Sigma, collect data, but also know how to work as a team. Decision-making will also be improved during this training.

To access any of these options for your students, you are free to contact us any time since we offer services to any institution in Springfield. And for other services and solutions that general Six Sigma training, certification, or even consulting, you can rely on us as well.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.